Mission and Vision

We primarily deliver our packaging solutions for multinational companies in the following segments:

  • Wellness
  • Car industry
  • Machine tool industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Packaging industry

The main priorities for the company's sustainable growth include:

  • Gradual penetration into the segment of large and multinational companies with the potential to exploit packaging services;
  • The ability to secure just-in-time deliveries for contracted multinational companies;
  • Building the brand of KARTEX–VL as a manufacturer of large transport packaging with complete packaging services;
  • Building corporate culture;
  • Educational development for employees and training future employees by cooperating with secondary schools and universities.

Vision and Plans for the Future

The strategic objective of KARTEX–VL, s.r.o.  is to provide its clients with complex packaging solutions with complete packaging services and with the vision of being the leading producer of large transport packaging.