About us



KARTEX-VL, s.r.o. has been active on the market for producing paper packaging since 2001. The company has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing transport and consumer packaging and this experience is reflected in the quality of its products and in the technical solutions of the packaging itself, which meets the precise needs of the customer.

Company headquarters are in the city of Fiľakovo, 15 km from the city of Lučenec, in the southern part of central Slovakia.

Production activities are completed in 2 plants:

-The "Fiľakovo" plant (covering around 1.5 ha) is used primarily to produce smaller packaging formats and standardized cardboard in small and medium packaging series;
-The "Buzitka" plant (formerly the SOU agricultural cooperative located between the towns of Buzitka and Prša covering around 7.0 ha) is used to produce large format and custom packaging formats for medium and large packaging series;

The primary material processed by KARTEX-VL, s.r.o. is corrugated cardboard. We process double-faced corrugated board (3VL), double-double corrugated board (5VL), triple-wall corrugated board (7VL) and micro corrugated cardboard with printing offered in up to 3 colours.

We are able to deliver demanding packaging solutions using corrugated cardboard in combination with other packaging materials and with wood packaging in particular, as a standard service. In connection with wood we would like to highlight the involvement of another one of our companies, EURY-PACK System s.r.o., which produces wood packaging. We are able to fully respond to the needs of our customers thanks to the symbiosis of these two packaging industry companies.

Warehouses / Storage Space

Storage space is maintained at 3 sites:
The"Fiľakovo" site (available storage space of around 2,000 m2);
The"Buzitka-Prša" site (available storage space of around 1,500 m2), with the ability to significantly expand storage capacity;
The"Malý Krtíš" site (available storage of around 800 m2) used for just-in-time (JIT) deliveries to an existing customer